Let’s Play Music BRIDGE is an additional year of instruction available to Let’s Play Music and Presto Graduates who want to continue total musicianship education with a piano focus. The Let's Play Music Bridge curriculum has been carefully crafted to solidify skills learned across the years in Let's Play Music and Presto.

Classes are taught in a semi-private/small group setting and are engaging, fun and familiar for Let's Play Music and Presto students. Classes are available by invitation only. If you are interested in the Bridge program, please fill out the "Request a Sample Class" form.  

Students will have the opportunity to reinforce the many newly introduced concepts and skills learned in last year of Let's Play music and Presto as well as learn new and more advanced musical concepts and skills, such as numerical counting, rhythmic comprehension up to sixteenth notes, scales and chord skills in varying keys, composer and classical music knowledge, composition skills, new composition techniques, accompaniment styles, key signatures, time signatures, note names and staff placement, music theory and sight reading skills just to name a few.

They will be taught about the new yellow chord (the V7 chord) along with many other important concepts, skills, symbols and labels that will help ensure that their abilities don't get 'lost in translation' as they progress.  Repertoire is matched to individual skill and provides opportunities to improve sight reading and learn more challenging pieces.  

Come see the workbooks just for graduates of the Let's Play Music and Presto programs.  Click "Request a Sample Class".