My son loves taking music lessons from Miss Jennette. She is a very energetic, enthusiastic teacher and my son is learning so much from this class! It is a very thorough program- I've played piano for 30+ years, and I am learning things from this program that I was never taught in my own music lessons growing up. 
Brooke G

She is honestly fantastic and this program is an almost perfect tool for helping children learn, grow and have confidence in playing the piano!  We are so grateful for the efforts of Miss Jennette!  She makes piano lessons something my kids are dying to go to!  

Breann H.   

My two daughters take music classes from Miss Jennette, and they LOVE it. Miss Jennette is absolutely made for teaching music. She is engaging, and fun. She knows how to keep the kids interested and they learn so quickly. What I love the most is how the classes are on the kids level. But not just any teacher can do what Miss Jennette does. She really gets in there and has no inhibitions about doing the movement, which really teaches the kids how fun music can be. Around my house we are often singing the songs and talking about musical concepts that they are learning, it is SO exciting to see them budding into little musicians!

Cassity K. 

Jennette is an organized, caring, energetic teacher! She understands boys. Her love for music and the curriculum shines through her teaching. Jennette inspires my children to love music, and she takes the fear out of learning new skills. My children come home from class empowered and ready to tackle their homework and practice their lessons. We love Miss Jennette!

Rosalyn F.


Miss Jennette has been an excellent teacher. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about music. She is kind and makes class fun for everyone. The concepts that this program teaches the kids is incredible for their age. But they learn it all without even realizing it half of the time. They are too busy having a blast!

Anna W. 

My boys of LOVED having Miss Jennette as their teacher! She is so energetic, knowledgeable, and knows just how to connect with each of my very different sons. I love the Let's Play Music program and all that they have learned!

Rebecca U.

Miss Jennette is awesome!  She is highly skilled and so patient with kids.  My son loves her class and it's easy to see why.  Miss Jennette has so much enthusiasm and truly cares about each of her students.  LPM is an excellent class and I highly recommend checking out Miss Jennette!

Kristi C. 

Miss Jennette is a fabulous teacher! My son and I love to attend her class. She is always well prepared, full of energy, and is a great teacher. The Let's Play Music Program is amazing and I love how it not only teaches a sound musical foundation, but also gives me the chance to really bond with my child through music.

Melodie W.